Our Vision


Our vision is to share secrets about everything and with everyone. We plan to do this through three different mediums, a podcast, blog posts, and tutorials. The idea to produce content ourselves came from the evident gap that the ecosystem had in terms of content. Although documentation and updates have gotten much better, there is still plenty more that could be added. Our plan is to work with the committees so that our goals and ideas are aligned, and so that we can more importantly lean on each other for specific needs.


For the weekly podcast, we interview guests actively involved in the Secret Network ecosystem so that they may share their ideas and work. The community is provided the opportunity to gain deeper insights into core contributors and their ongoing developments. We believe listeners can feel more connected to the ecosystem through this entertaining medium as we plan to emphasize cohesion and positive energy. The podcast will be a champion of consistent dialog between contributors and the community so that both could have their voice heard. We expect contributors to use the podcast as a platform for awareness on new dapps, features, and ideas. We also expect them to answer any questions from the community we may field through giveaways and other incentivized activities. 

Blog Posts

For the blog posts, they are meant to complement the written material that comes directly from the committees. While the committees mainly focus on brief overviews of new releases and collaborations, we envision our content to be a mix of in-depth and opinion articles . This will allow us to get a bit more specific and theoretical by diving into topics such as future use cases. We also plan to cover more general topics such as privacy and how Secret Network can be a privacy hub. Lastly, we plan to have a series tailored to beginners which will assume little to no background knowledge. The beginner's guide will point readers to great explanations of basic crypto concepts and reiterate them within the article. It will also include simple explanations of concepts native to Secret Network such as Secret Contracts and Viewing Keys.


For tutorials, we believe that there will be a massive need for step-by-step instructions on how to interact with the network in the near future. From simple tasks such as buying SCRT on a decentralized exchange to more complex tasks like running a node, we plan to tackle it all. Contributors such as Carter Woetzel from Secure Secrets and Brendan Kittredge from WhisperNode have done a great job in the past but we would like to expand on what they have done. To start, we plan to update tutorials as things change over time. In addition, we would like to emphasize how to use the many DApps and bridges that are already live or coming in the future. including DApps that may not be well known to most of the community.

Support Us!

If you would like to see us fulfill our vision, please support us by following our social media, spreading the word, and delegating to our node!