Initial Funding

Secret Network offers various avenues of funding to anyone looking to contribute to the ecosystem We specifically applied as a SNAC (Secret Network Action Campaign) which gets funding from the Secret Network Foundation. SNACs are typically awareness campaigns with a focus on driving the growth of Secret Network and its products. After a week of planning our initial steps as a content creator, we went to the forum with our proposal. You can read the proposal here. We got feedback from the community, made adjustments to our proposal, and provided measurable goals we planned to achieve at specific checkpoints over the next few months. So far, we are exceeding our initial goals by a large margin. For those wondering about the funding timeline of SNACs, our process in particular took roughly 1 week from posting our proposal to the forum on 7/7/21 to receiving our first disbursement on 7/14/21.

Self-Sustainable Funding

After we receive our second and final disbursement on 8/14/21, we plan to become self-sustainable by running our own node. It is worth noting that operating as a validator won't be enough on its own and we will need a sufficient amount of delegation in order to earn sufficient income from the node. The team is producing content on their free time but if total delegations become large enough, they would switch to full time. This would likely translate into a large uptick in content volume across the board. Possibly two podcast episodes a week, live interviews, and more tutorials/blogs.

Support Us!

If you would like to see us fulfill our vision, please support us by following our social media, spreading the word, and delegating to our node!